Our Company History

Pro Print launched in May 1998. We quickly established ourselves and opened a
second and much larger printing factory in 2008. This move accompanied the acquisition of improved printing machinery which allowed for increased production and improved finishes. 

Mission and Philosophy

Pro Print understands that in order to achieve its mission we will continue to acquire the  latest printing  machinery and technology  in order to deliver ever improving standards of print. We also work hard to maintain a motivated workforce because we recognise that our staff are a key part of delivering high levels of client satisfaction. The Pro Print team prides it self on offering high levels of customer satisfaction through a flexible and personalised service so that our customers get their specific and individual printing needs supplied with ease. To maintain high levels of quality. Everything we print is quality managed and spot checked by skilled personnel.


  1. Increased market share by 45% in two (2) years
  2. Maintain high levels of effeciency and produce quality printing in order to provide the highest level of value and gain the respect and loyalty of our customers
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